DELL VESA Adapter Mount ST2420L,ST2320L,ST2220M,ST2220LC - R1

DELL VESA Adapter Mount ST2420L,ST2320L,ST2220M,ST2220LC - R1
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  • Item #: GJ0A0001-R1


MODEL NAME: DELL VESA Adapter Mount for ST2420L/ST2420LB/ST2320L & ST2220M/ST2220LC/SR2320L-(R1).

VESA PATTERN: 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm

MANUFACTURED BY:  Gladiator Joe®


SHORT DESCRIPTION: Attach your 23"/24” Dell Monitors to a desk mount / an articulating arm/
a wall mount or other VESA mounting compliant systems.



GJ0A0001-R1 GJ® VESA Adapter Designed and engineered  for ease of use. There is little to no flex from vibration due to the Adapter’s sturdy PATENT box design. Specifically made for demanding situation where push and pull forces are exerted on the monitor.

GJ0A0001-R0 GJ® original VESA Adapter, “L” shape height level at approximately the same VESA dimension were located on the monitor itself.



Please choose either model for your specific requirements, either model is made to fit, form and function in the same way.

Attach to the following DELL monitors Monitors, transform your non-VESA Compliant monitor into VESA compatible one. Organize and reorganize your work environment into a space saving and efficient  and pleasant space.

Use any single, multiple stand or table mount with a 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm VESA pattern to create the architectural space desired and envision.

Achieve sustainable cost saving by using high quality monitors with GJ® VESA adapter, or use your existing non-compliant VESA monitors.   







ST2220Mc    added  


ST2320L / ST2321L







If you are mounting monitors of different brands, models or sizes, be sure to purchase VESA Arms that are adjustable so that all of your monitors can be level with one another because, remember, different monitors means different heights and spaces between even if you use the same Gladiator Joe Adapter for them.


To further avoid this issue, you should purchase SINGLE mount VESA Arms versus Dual or triple ones! this way you can easily adjust each monitor! (if in fact your monitors are all different!). The cost ends up being the same for buying 2-3 VESA Arms versus one double or triple mount. Just be sure your VESA arm has the movement capability that you need.


**VESA plate sizes**


If the VESA plate of your VESA product (arm, mount, bracket, etc) is 64mm/2.5 inches across and UNDER, you will not need washers to offset your Gladiator Joe® VESA Adapter.

If the VESA plate of your VESA product (arm, mount, bracket, etc) is 64mm/2.5 inches across and OVERyou WILL need a set of washers to offset your Gladiator Joe® VESA Adapter. Be sure to write your request in the ORDER NOTES section during checkout along with the exact model of your monitor.

Important Note:
   Other models within this series made also be supported as manufacturers are constantly adding new models to the series. Please inquire if you feel you model may  be supported or should be added to the list.  

Gladiator Joe® ships with M4 Metric nuts, you will need to use the M4 bolts that come with your VESA arm. If bolts are required please add your request to the notes at time of order. Gladiator Joe®  donates the savings from the bolts to KIVA.

Gladiator Joe® is a green company and packaging is simple and cost is kept low savings are passed on to customers and to KIVA.

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