SAMSUNG SyncMaster S20A550H,S23A550H,S27A550H

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  • Item #: GJ0A0042

Model Number: GJ0A0042
Model Name: SAMSUNG SyncMaster S20A550H,S23A550H,S27A550H
VESA Hole Patterns: 75 mm X 75 mm, 100 mm X 100 mm
Brand: Gladiator Joe
Manufactured by: GladiatorJoe Inc.
Patent: Pending 2015

Proudly made with North American 14AWG Steel. LASER CUT NOT STAMP STEEL. Manufactured in Canada. Always offering the lowest prices to our valued customers.


GJ VESA adapter, Attach it to the following SAMSUNG Monitors, Transform your non-VESA Compliant monitor into VESA-compatible one. Organize and reorganize your work environment into a space saving and efficient  and pleasant space.

Use any single, multiple stand or table mount to create the architectural space desired and envision.

Achieve sustainable cost saving by using high-quality monitors with GJ VESA adapter, or using your existing non-compliant VESA monitors.   


**If using different monitors , or different monitors sizes 27”  with a 23” for example . It is easier to adjust them by purchasing separate stands.  Dual monitor  or multiple monitor stands work best when all attaching mounts and monitors are the same.



SyncMaster S20A550H,S23A550H,S27A550H

Gladiator Joe Inc.  ships with M4 Metric nuts, you will need to use the M4 bolts that come with your VESA arm. If bolts are required please add your request to the notes at time of order. Gladiator Joe  donates the savings from the bolts to KIVA.

Gladiator Joe Inc. is a green company we reuse newsprint flyers, and reuse boxes when possible. package is simple and cost is kept low savings are passed onto customers and to KIVA.

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