Gladiator Joe™'s mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.

 We are proud to manufacture products made with North American Steel. We must always stand together for freedom and liberty, and support makers of quality materials and products. 

So you must be wondering, how are we able to keep costs low and pass the savings onto our customers?

Gladiator Joe™ is a green company. We recycle newspapers, flyers, and boxes for our packaging, which is not only beneficial to the environment but makes us able to cut down costs.

Gladiator Joe™ also ships orders once to twice a week in bulk, rather than daily. This ensures low shipping costs and makes it possible for us to keep all of our prices low for you!

The savings that we manage to make are given to KIVA as donations, you can click here to view our donation profile.

 Is it time to rethink how we give? Watch this video and see how you can change a life, click here.

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Honesty and Honour,
Gladiator Joe


Honesty and Honour:

Gladiator Joe is the original inventor and creator of VESA Adapters worldwide.  These are items that did not exist until Gladiator Joe decided to take the idea to design and manufacture them. Items that look identical to our products are copies and stolen ideas. Most are direct unaltered copies in Fit, Form, and function of the adapters.

Copying is not an Engineering skill, entrepreneur skill, a business skill, nor sign of educational success.

There are stolen ideas and hard work that all investors put into their product. It reduces the number of new products being released since low volume items can not be put on the market.

A lie is always followed by another, pull on the string on a man's cloth and the more you pull the more lies will be revealed.  

Gladiator Joe products are being copied and made in China, with cheaper stamp steel material which has an inherent spring action memory. Gladiator Joe uses parts that are Laser cut and made with North American steel and all parts are made in Canada.


Gladiator Joe like a Gladiator will fight for what is rightfully his hard work.  Gladiator Joe parents were born in the former Roman Empire (LOL).  


  • Gladiator Joe Over 5 years ago, years ahead of thieves copying and stealing his ideas.  

  • Does not lie about his design and product developments.

  • Proven skills,  not on stolen from other people's work.

  • Does not associate with nefarious associates in his dealings and organization.

  • Does not solicit fake Endorsements.

  • Actual Marketing discovering and Product development, a New solution to unique problems.

"The wrath of my enemies shall make me stronger, their desire for revenge wiser, their jealousy gallant, their sadness more blissful. Let the enemies of my enemies be their own shadow for when they can no longer distinguish between friend or foe, they will die in their own pool of blood created by their own hands in anger, hatred, and jealousy. "