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Welcome to our Product Inquiry section, meant to be a direct gateway of communication between you and us. Even if we are putting all the effort to develop and release new products,
we know that we are still going to miss a few. So we decided to invest our time and open the ‘Product Inquiry’ section, from which you’ll be able to request a model or a product we do not currently sell.

Règles pplicables à la présentation

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Written form:
For the written form, please provide us all the required information submitted to the form below. Please include:
– a detailed description of your needs and what needs the product is supposed to cover
– as many photo’s as possible, applicable to the design you would like to submit
– if the design is for a VESA adapter, please make sure to include photo’s of the back of the monitor + before and after the stand has been removed

Design form:
For the design form, please provide a design sketch or technical drawing that includes dimensions, measurements and/or technical information about the product.
This process will speed up our design work process. Along with the sketch or technical drawing, we will need a detailed description of the product
and how it’s supposed to work and function.

Model# of Monitor+ Manufacturer   – VESA adapter for computer monitors

Device type + Model name/number + manufacturer   – for anything non-monitor related

**Any key information about the product such as:
– weak/strong structural points
– material
– fragile part
– uses of the design
– alternative/uncommon uses  ie. vertical orientation for monitors
– design wise suggestions

 Design file type: DWG or IPT
– Measures in cm/m
– Any key info about the design such as material, flaws, strong point (ie. anything you’ve thought about the design)
– Notes about the draft

*** PLUS all the info for the text form

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    Each request will be answered within 72h


    US: +1 954 271 6612
    CDN & INTL: +1 514 494 1348

    If you need help with the submission, do not hesitate to contact us


    Keep in mind that we have no estimation of how long the design process for a new product will take. There are a number of steps, procedures, and testing processes that have to be worked through in order to develop the best possible products for our valued customers.  Please know that we work hard to develop new designs, and we are always appreciative of your inquiries.