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Now, in 2018 we reached a point where our behavior changed so much, that we spend most of our time sitting, whether is at a desk, a table or in our car. This shift is not just caused by an overall lazier and more comfortable society or tech advancement, but most of all by a drastic mutation in the way we accomplish our tasks: digitally.

The digital world around us move faster and faster while we find ourselves sitting still at a desk, and if this, now, is just a rising concern, soon will become a hot topic and mandatory solution will be put in place.

As a company that works toward ergonomics, using, testing and improving what the market is currently offering, is for us, a must do. So we decided to test out both the Sit-Stand Desk and Sit-Stand Workstation

Our in-depth review will be divided in four parts:

  • Part one (A)The alternatives – Sit/Stand Workstation
  • Part one (B)The alternatives – Sit/Stand Desk
  • Part twoPro and Cons
  • Part threeThe benefit(s)
  • Part four – Our Thoughts

Part One (A)

Currently the two best options offered by the market are the Desktop Sit Stand Workstation and the Sit-Stand Desk. As the name suggest, they both share the idea of alternating between sitting and standing, by allowing to adjust the height of your workstation, either just the monitor, mouse and keyboard or the whole desk.

The two main differences, beside the price tag and the overall brands and manufacturer availability and design, is that one is relatively portable, light and movable while the other – sit\stand desk – is not.

Sit Stand Workstations Types:

  • vertical  lift
  • z-lift

The Z-Lift style and the Vertical Lift are both movable desktop workstation and they mainly differ on how the desk top lift: the first one, by reproducing a Z shape, will come toward the operator, while the second one, will go straight up, allowing to stay closer to the desk and so easily reach the remaining space on the desk.

Also some of the Z-Lift design, still use a non-gas spring system, which will force you to pick only between a small range of height options, without taking advantage of the whole height adjustable space span (and in some cases also producing quite a lot of noise, which it’s not suitable )

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