Gladiator Joe_Remtrail

We specialize in accessories for trailers and trailers. our various storage supports will keep your hitch in its original state.

  • Protect your investment.
  • Easy to install.
  • Our brackets are sturdy metal alloys and coated with durable impact-resistant electrostatic paint.
  • No more wires and chains lying around when you park your hitch.
  • No more chains and connectors trapped in the ice.
  • No need for a plug because the connector is always put back down.

Then it will not corrode, and no moisture will lodge in it. Easy to install on all types of trailers or trailers.

Innovative Products

Discover the full range of our storage racks and organizers for chains and connectors, and more.

Made of sturdy metal alloy, the storage racks range from the smallest trailer to the full-size travel trailer. They will make your camping experience more enjoyable.


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